Hamburger Definition

Hamburger patties must contain at least 75% ground beef or they are considered a "burger alternative". Your beef can be your choice of cuts (ie. chuck, sirloin, round, tenderloin, etc.), but it must be ground. Feel free to use pulled or sliced beef, pork, etc., but realize it will be entered into the "burger alternative" division.

All meats must be inspected by USDA. So, you must purchase your meat from a butcher, grocery store, etc.. Yes this means NO DEER meat should be used in your creations unless it was farm raised and purchased from a source that inpects and grades their meats.

You are not limited to the condiments you add to your hamburger creation, so feel free to add bacon, cheese, ham, etc. to your hamburgers. You also have complete freedom as to the type of bun/bread you choose to use with your hamburgers.

We recommend an 8oz portion size because your burgers will generally be cut into 2oz portions for samples to the general public. We're not saying your burgers can't be bigger or smaller, but be prepared to divide your hamburger when people present you with a coupon and ask for a sample.


Individuals will compete in the "Backyard" division. Restaurants will compete in the "Restaurant" division and Companies, Associaciations, Churches, Agencies and Clubs will compete in the "Organized Group" division. Contestants submitting anything with less than 75% ground beef will be entered into the "Burger Alternative" division.

Cook-off Divisions
Backyard - Individuals
Organized Groups
Burger Alternative


Peoples Choice Award

All contestants will be eligible for the "Peoples Choice Award" in their divisions. Attendees will be voting throughout the day by putting dollars in your Peoples Choice bucket directly at your booth. (Cheating is encouraged as all proceeds are going to a charitable cause.)

Head to Head Challenges

You may also request a "Head to Head" burger challenge to have the judges pick the best burger between any two teams. Neighbor against neighbor or company against company, we can settle the question of "Who Makes the Better Burger".



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