The Rules

  1. “Teams” can consist of any number of people, but one member must be chosen as team captain (aka head cook). Teams of can be as small as one individual.
  2. Cookers must provide a grill or smoker and necessary fuel to cook 25 or more pounds of product.
  3. You may decorate your cook-off area, but all decorations and furnishings must be confined to your allocated space.
  4. All property and equipment used for cooking must be confined to your allocated space. All equipment must be free standing - no stakes, post holes, or digging is allowed. Use of sand buckets for tent covers is allowed.
  5. No pre-cooking allowed. Cooking may begin after chief cook meeting. Ingredients and beef will be inspected prior to cooking. Patty must be at least 75% beef. Must submit list of ingredients upon sign in. (Your secret spices and marinades are your business and you are not required to disclose them.)
  6. All fires must be contained. Absolutely no ground fires or digging pits.
  7. Head Cook is responsible for team conduct. No lewd or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. No alcoholic beverages (except when used for cooking) and/or misconduct by team members or guests.
  8. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their cook area.
  9. The Loop Lions Club, Sponsors and Volunteers of the Hamburger Cookoff will not be held responsible for loss, damage,theft, injury or accidents.
  10. No political activity will be allowed in any cook area.
  11. The Cook-Off organizers reserve the right to amend regulations as circumstances warrant.
  12. Each group must prepare at least 25lbs. of product (or the amount required by your division) for distribution of samples to attendies and Judging. Additonal product should be prepared for consumption by your team and guests.
  13. Burgers must be cooked thouroughly according to Mobile County Health Department rules. Mobile County Health Department food handlers will be available to you at all times during the cookoff and their instructions are MANDATORY with regard to the handling, storing, cooking and distribution of food. We strongly recommend you get a food handlers card which is available from the Mobile County Health Department for a nomial fee.
  14. Entry deadline is 1:00 PM, Friday, April 23, 2010. Teams will be placed in a spot upon arrival and check-in on Saturday, April 24, 2010 between 6 and 9AM. Teams may check-in early to setup their boothes starting at 1:00PM Friday, April 23, 2010 until 6:00 PM Friday night. Booths are assigned by the organizers of the Hamburger Cookoff and have sole discretion of their location. Late entries are welcome and accepted if space permits, up to 6:00 PM on Friday night.
  15. Judging begins at noon on Saturday and continues until 3:30 PM. You will be given your judging slot upon check-in. Burgers not available at the judging tent within 5 minutes of judging slot time may be disqualified.
  16. Cooking must begin by 11:00 AM and teams are encouraged to cook hamburgers in small batches throughout the day for sampling by the attendees.


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8-28-09 - This event promises to become one of the premier events in the Mobile/Baldwin county area. The Hamburger Cookoff is a unique event that appeals to a large audience.

Join the Loop Lions Club and become an inaugeral sponsor of a truly unique event. Stay tuned for the latest information on our event or contact us to be a part of it.

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